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Agency Panel: How to Manage Your Clients and Agency During COVID19


Mar 26, 2020 01:44 PM

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Karl Sakas
Author & Agency Advisor @Sakas and Company
Agency growth is good… unless it gets out of control. Karl Sakas (@KarlSakas) helps agency owners increase their profits and reduce their stress, by conquering growing pains. As a management consultant and executive coach at Sakas & Company, Karl has personally advised hundreds of agencies on every inhabited continent. He is the author of Made to Lead, The In-Demand Marketing Agency, and more than 300 articles on agency management. When he’s not helping clients, Karl is an award-winning Past President of AMA Triangle and volunteers as a bartender on an antique train.
Jenny Karn
Co-Founder & President @Beutler Ink
Jenny is a co-founder and president of digital marketing agency Beutler Ink, which has operated 100% remotely since it launched in 2013. She has led her remote content and social teams through partnerships with Google, Amazon, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the NBA, and other global brands, while helping to grow the agency to 20-plus employees and a strong freelance network across the globe. Jenny can honestly never imagine working from an office again and is thrilled to be able to share her tips & tricks for managing projects across time zones and supervising work-from-home employees.
Joe Teo
CEO @HeyOrca
Joe Teo is the CEO of HeyOrca - a social media management platform purpose-built for marketing agencies. He was featured on Twitter Canada’s list of 20 Canadian tech startup founders. Joe is inspired by the challenges and satisfaction of helping marketing teams around the world work smarter. HeyOrca has been named one of the top 20 B2B tech companies in Canada by G2 Crowd. More than 400 marketing agencies around the world use HeyOrca to save time and stay organized. HeyOrca is proud to be a world class software, served with Canadian hospitality.